Summer Cold


Our son has caught a nasty summer cold, which means he’s not sleeping and so neither are we. It’s a zombified household over here. So real posts have to wait a week, but we have a couple of nice recent things we did to share with you then.

  1. kOoLiNuS said:

    Even our son has, in practice, a cold since the heat started and the use of air conditioners started. And going to the sea or being outside in the sun does not help him recover al 100%.

    Friends tells us it’s “normal” … and we’re not really worried since his coughing happens only when he wakes up (after a night sleeping with open windows) or when he gets in/out really cold conditioned shops. But we’re constantly in alarm…

    • Yep, you can’t get around air conditioning. We don’t have any at home but it’s enough to go anywhere.

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