Ship Models in a Book


We finally managed to photograph a book we designed earlier this year (others still await their turn because we suck at time management). The book, designed for the Museum of Gdańsk, describes in detail ship models that one can see in one of the Museum’s departments, the Artus Court: their built, history and more. The models are really something, by the way: big, colorful and quite impressive.  Modern and historical photographs show all aspects of the ships, including their interesting exposition in the historical interior of the building.

The book is meant as the beginning of a new series so we needed to come up with design solutions that could be repeated in other books with very different themes. We chose to add a spot color, this time a vivid dark blue that appears on the cover and inside of the book, on some photographs and in the text. The cover also uses silver hotstamping for the title to make it shine more on the blue background.


The inside of the cover has a surprise for anyone who cares to open the flap.


A spread including a historical photo in blue.


And here’s the other flap. Our son loves uncovering the fish hiding underneath.


While this is a fairly simple book design, it gave us a lot of joy to work on – as books usually do.

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