Stay at Home – and Doodle!

Hello after another crazy week (and by crazy we mean pretty regular, filled with work and childcare and also some fun). This time we managed to add something to the growing online help kit for those who don’t know what to do with their sudden increase in free time: we made you a doodle page.


The internet is increasingly full of fun activities for children but we figure: why not do something for adults, too (or older children, at least)? It’s like those coloring pages for adults, only better, because you get to draw your own ornaments into shapes – or, you know, whatever else you want. It’s your art. So if you want to play, download a high-res image under the Dropbox link, print it with your regular printer and get to work: just fill it all in any way you can think of, anyway that’s relaxing and fun.

To get you started, we did our own versions of the filled-in doodle: we did it during two online gaming nights (because you speak and listen and don’t need your hands for anything so you may as well use them for art – or “art”). These are pretty regular doodles and we wish we had time to do something more crazy – like maybe a collage or a  painting – but that takes more focus. However, these ones the way we did them were very relaxing and that’s pretty much the point.

A black-and-white patterned version with a line pen:

redesign-stayathome-doodle-beach-filled1A ballpen version with some shading (that really took us back to college days):


The black-and-white version colored by J (he’s not very patient when it comes to coloring):


Also, if you want to share the results of your work, PLEASE DO! We’d be thrilled to see what you came up with! Stay safe, stay happy, we’ll be back with more.


  1. Do u have Etsy? U could sell this and adult likes to buy if u sell this. Btw, nice artwork

    • Thanks! No, this is downloadable for free, as it says in the article:)

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