August re:commendation: WandaVision

We caught up a little late but we utterly loved


What is it? Marvel’s first TV show that directly extends the MCU into TV. It focuses on Wanda Maximoff in the aftermath of the fight with Thanos and of Vision’s death.

Why we love it? It is bold, surprising, a successful experiment with the medium. While tying smoothly in with the rest of the MCU, it does a unique thing, employing the format of a TV show as well as possible, so that it’s not just a movie spread into nine episodes: the episodic nature of the show influences the storytelling. This might sound dry but the show is fun! Also, Elizabeth Olsen is masterful.

Visually speaking, this is also a triumph. For a large part of the show it plays with the tradition of American sitcoms (in a way which eventually makes sense) and you can see the creators having fun with all the nods to the old shows.

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