Bożena Truchanowska Exhibition

Last week we took our kids to a rather lovely exhibition, another one in a series organized by the Museum of Gdynia to celebrate the work of classic Polish illustrators of children’s books. This one presents the work of Bożena Truchanowska, an artist most active in the 1960s and 1970s, who illustrated scores of children’s and young adults’ books. The exhibition was designed as an interactive experience where kids could move things around, draw on a wall (or on paper) and literally get in touch with the world of Truchanowska’s drawings. It didn’t overwhelm with information (perhaps, in fact, adults could stand to learn a little more theory about the work of the artist) and our kids were delighted. In fact, it’s become a returning topic of discussion why you can’t draw on the walls at home if you can in the museum. The striking thing about Truchanowska’s work is how she never limited herself to a single style, as illustrators usually do, and if you look at a number of her illustrations it’s not always easy to tell they were created by the same person. While our kids enjoyed demolishing the exhibition, we were most interested in the original drawings and even book layouts exhibited on glass panes.

A movable structure with elements of illustrations from which you can build your own creatures.
Ants stuck on the floor.
The whole exhibition space turned colorful and chaotic with stickers.
Animals you could peek at through holes in a wooden structure (that was actually fun regardless of age).
The biggest hit with our kids: a board with movable illustration elements.
Elevator transformed.
Truchanowska has a real way with drawing animals.
One of the original drawigns exhibited on a glass pane.
“Why can’t we draw on the walls at home???”
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