Today we celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. For this momentous occasion we used some of the icons from our Shakespeare Project – our actual, huge celebratory work – as a guessing game. Do you know which play each icon stands for? If not, you may find the answers in last week‘s post. Or you may read the plays again, of course, which is probably the most appropriate kind of celebration.



Have a wonderful Easter time full of sunshine and spring spirit!

Peace for Paris symbol by Jean Jullien.

It felt inappropriate to write any other post. Our thoughts are with Paris and its people.

The image by Jean Jullien. It’s a good example of how design, though it doesn’t really change the world, can sometimes help people unite.

Sorry, but we’re utterly incapacitated with stomach flu. Which is the worst. Seriously, the worst.

This time we’ll refrain from illustrating this fact and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this decision.




We honestly hoped to have one more post for you before our holiday but packing and other preparations overwhelmed us so instead accept our wishes of a good time in the coming week and see you when we get back.