re-babySorry if the posts are a little irregular for a while but we’re working on a new routine with a new baby in the house. We were going to prepare some posts in advance but, of course, we failed to do that because we suck at time management. Anyways, we should be readjusted really soon, they say it’s easier the second time around (for now they seem like liars, though).



Our son has caught a nasty summer cold, which means he’s not sleeping and so neither are we. It’s a zombified household over here. So real posts have to wait a week, but we have a couple of nice recent things we did to share with you then.


Sorry for the short hiatus, guys, but not only did Carrie wipe us out a little – we’re also working on our new studio website and it’s a huge enterprise. We’ll share the progress as we go on, especially the new project photos.

In the meantime we wanted to show you a resurrection of sorts of one of our minimalist Disney posters: the cover for a Belgian lifestyle magazine Knack Weekend. We were asked for the Pinocchio design for the cover because it fit the theme of the issue, about the lies people tell, and we were happy to cooperate. Pinocchio gained a new background and some international exposure.

The original Pinocchio poster.


The whole series (buyable here)

Disney posters


180702-redesign-randomness_thesis And a little different find: we discovered that our Freud cover from the Words Matter series made it to the academia: it is carefully analyzed in a thesis on randomness in typography by Anders Larsson, which you can find here (we’re on pages 28-31 but read the whole thesis).