The amazing Esy-Floresy Animation Studio has invited us to participate in their newest project: a series of promo materials for the city of Gdynia, inviting tourists to come to the city and explore its sights and nature sites. We have designed a family of urban explorers, with further characters (and animations!) to come so stay tuned. Also, we hope everyone is having a great summer so far with  many exciting adventures still planned.



The Poor, the Sick, the Orphaned. Hospitals of Gdańsk from the Middle Ages till Modern Times is a book we designed for the Museum of Gdańsk. It describes the phenomenon of Gdańsk’s early hospitals, which date back to the Middle Ages and which started as religious charity ventures for people that had nowhere else to go. In fact, the first hospitals had surprisingly little to do with what we think of as hospitals today. The book accompanied an exhibition that we also designed and that was prepared by the historians of medicine.

The title of the book is printed on the cover with red shiny foil and throughout the book we used the original etchings and paintings that illustrated the history of Gdańsk’s hospitals in the exhibition so that it’s part collection of historical essays and part catalogue.



We participated in the social media action raising money for charity that supports Polish health service during the pandemic. This is originally a rap challenge but trust me, you wouldn’t like to hear us rapping. Luckily, it also has a design version whose only requirements are to create artwork with “help” and “16” in it. Here’s the link for the charity if you want to support it.

200517-redesign_studio-instagramAlso, if we’re on the topic, we forgot to mention that we have an Instagram account so make sure to come by and say hi (if social media is your thing, anyway). We put some unique stuff there every now and then, together with occasional pictures of what’s going on with us. Here’s the link.


Stay healthy, stay generous, see you next week!


The book Miasta skoszarowane (Cities as Military Barracks) by Jan Daniluk was published by the Museum of Gdańsk. This doctoral thesis describes the life in the cities of Gdańsk and Sopot during the Second World War when the German army stationed there and how this affected people’s life. A large part of the book focuses on the daily life under those difficult circumstances.


Because of the subject matter we chose a strong visual language with some disconcerting elements. Everything is printed in black and vivid red, some elements are framed with thick broken frames symbolizing the oppresion of the period and many typographic elements are broken. We are grateful to the author (and quite impressed by him!) for his openness and trust in our ideas which led to an unusual historic book (and, of course, to the publisher for agreeing to all of this).

The cover with an archival photo. The broken frame is printed with black foil.


The beginning of chapter three: a title spread and first pages.



Another week at home, another fill-in doodle from us. This time let’s (mentally) go to the park. The instructions are the same as last week: print the A4 design that you can download here and finish it any way you want.


In the examples below we went with pretty traditional finishes (also because we did these while occupied, in a true doodling tradition) but you are welcome to go way more artsy and/or crazy with these.


Stay safe, stay relaxed, stay at home – and, of course, share your work with us if you feel like it!

Hello after another crazy week (and by crazy we mean pretty regular, filled with work and childcare and also some fun). This time we managed to add something to the growing online help kit for those who don’t know what to do with their sudden increase in free time: we made you a doodle page.


The internet is increasingly full of fun activities for children but we figure: why not do something for adults, too (or older children, at least)? It’s like those coloring pages for adults, only better, because you get to draw your own ornaments into shapes – or, you know, whatever else you want. It’s your art. So if you want to play, download a high-res image under the Dropbox link, print it with your regular printer and get to work: just fill it all in any way you can think of, anyway that’s relaxing and fun.

To get you started, we did our own versions of the filled-in doodle: we did it during two online gaming nights (because you speak and listen and don’t need your hands for anything so you may as well use them for art – or “art”). These are pretty regular doodles and we wish we had time to do something more crazy – like maybe a collage or a  painting – but that takes more focus. However, these ones the way we did them were very relaxing and that’s pretty much the point.

A black-and-white patterned version with a line pen:

redesign-stayathome-doodle-beach-filled1A ballpen version with some shading (that really took us back to college days):


The black-and-white version colored by J (he’s not very patient when it comes to coloring):


Also, if you want to share the results of your work, PLEASE DO! We’d be thrilled to see what you came up with! Stay safe, stay happy, we’ll be back with more.