re:play or some favorites

This blog is mostly filled with our more or less current work, cool things we found and random personal confessions. But every now and then we show you a larger project made for fun, experimentation and inner gratification. And these projects often tend to be more popular so chances are you’re here to see one (or more) of those – or if it’s not why you came you may still enjoy seeing these. But not to overwhelm anyone with our vast archives we’ve gathered here links for some of our self-commissioned projects that we particularly enjoy.

Iconic Painters
Posters presenting work of famous painters in three icons, a guessing game for the whole family.
Here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Iconic TV Shows
Same, but with TV.

10/20 Years of Friends: A Tribute Poster
All the episodes of Friends in over 200 icons. Because we care.

re-pop_pixel_petsPop Pixel Pets
Famous cats and dogs from popular culture as 8-bit graphics.

The Shakespeare Project
Possibly our most ambitious thing yet, all the bard’s plays redesigned.

re-disneyMinimalist Disney
Classic animated movies simplified to posters.

re-superhero_iconsSuper Icons
Famous superheroes, villains and, of course, X-men as AIGA-styled icons.
We’re nerdy in more than one way.

Tangible Type
As an ongoing design experiment we’ve been creating series of works based on tangible, hand-made typography. So far, we’ve created:

re-words_matterWords Matter:
a series of book covers (a PhD study)

re-doolittleProject Doolittle:
a tribute to Pixies, a series of album covers

re-t_of_lTheatre of Literature:
a series of theatrical posters