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Sorry for the short hiatus, guys, but not only did Carrie wipe us out a little – we’re also working on our new studio website and it’s a huge enterprise. We’ll share the progress as we go on, especially the new project photos.

In the meantime we wanted to show you a resurrection of sorts of one of our minimalist Disney posters: the cover for a Belgian lifestyle magazine Knack Weekend. We were asked for the Pinocchio design for the cover because it fit the theme of the issue, about the lies people tell, and we were happy to cooperate. Pinocchio gained a new background and some international exposure.

The original Pinocchio poster.


The whole series (buyable here)

Disney posters


180702-redesign-randomness_thesis And a little different find: we discovered that our Freud cover from the Words Matter series made it to the academia: it is carefully analyzed in a thesis on randomness in typography by Anders Larsson, which you can find here (we’re on pages 28-31 but read the whole thesis).

ucq-redesign_0016A while ago we had the pleasure of seeing our pixel dogs published in UC.Quarterly and this time the cats joined them. Once again we happily received an authors’ copy that let us enjoy many exciting design projects from around the world and the internet. If this sounds like something you’re into, here‘s more information.

ucq-redesign_0008 ucq-redesign_0001 ucq-redesign_0013 ucq-redesign_0011 ucq-redesign_01 ucq-redesign_0004 ucq-redesign_0003

re-ucq-02We got lovely post this week: an author copy of UC.Quarterly, a publication by Under Consideration. To our joy, Dog Days poster appeared on Quipsologies a while ago and then made it to the publication which “features 48 of the most interesting, relevant, and simply fun-to-see projects from across our blogs” (their words, not ours).

The magazine has a pretty charming zine quality, with newspaper-thin paper and rubber binding (except, of course, it’s better designed than most zines) and our poster looks like this:

re-ucq-01Here are a few more images, more at the link above, should you be interested.

re-ucq-05 re-ucq-04 re-ucq-03

A while ago a local design magazine held a contest for a cover celebrating its 40th issue. We made a couple of projects and even though we didn’t win, we like them enough to share.

It was required to keep the original vignette with the title and other data at the top of the cover. Now, what we’re showing here is a quick redesign of that one, with a changed title, because we don’t know if we could use the original one and don’t care enough to check.

We wanted to do something material and tangible, as opposed to slick vector design that we sometimes, not always, get tired of.

The first design comes from the idea of celebrating with confetti, but the confetti is colorful waste from a puncher. It was a whole lot of work to punch lots of colorful papers, then arrange the little circles into the spectrum, and finally clean them up so they’d be reusable. You might think that’s excessive sustainability and/or compulsiveness but the circles came in useful when we decided we liked the idea and reused it recently for our website.

The second design concentrates on the fact that the magazine writes both about graphic design and product design, making it both 2D and 3D. In case you’ve got doubts, this image is not a computer visualization but a regular photo. To compliment the graphite used in 2+, a silver Pantone would be used for the plus sign.

The third one is a little like a minimalistic Advent calendar, suggesting a whole treasury of old issues of the magazine under the surface. Again, each number was cut and folded by hand (and if you’re wondering, it took almost exactly the length of Emma movie with Gwyneth Paltrow).