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Our website is finally up! Today’s post is more of the story of its creating than a collection of pictures but for those two interested people, here’s the story.

We commissioned our previous website a long time ago. A friend coded it and we were happy with it – but it was a terrible time to get a new website. Just about a year later or even less than that the internet changed completely. Gradually, but not that gradually, all the websites worth their pixels were becoming responsive (which made sense as more and more people browsed on their phones). Our website, however, wasn’t. It was stuck in a small rectangle. While this wasn’t a major issue at first, it soon became one, with the website looking minuscule on both large monitors and phones. We ignored this for a while but in – yep – 2014 we decided to make a new website. We wanted to use the opportunity to start showing some projects differently and we got down to it quite enthusiastically. In fact, we were so over the old website that we stopped updating it completely (the fact that it had a rather complicated updating system didn’t help to keep it current). However, it took us, as you math whizzes already figured out, five years to get the job done: Five years of having an online presence that slowly evolved from inaccurate to embarrassing. There were always more important (aka paying) things to do and then we had a kid and then another one and also sometimes we wanted to sleep. So the website was always there as one of those looming duties you never get down to. But finally we struck a deal with great front-end developers and after inevitable delays on both sides (ah, that sleeping thing; also, pregnancy) we managed to design the website, have it coded and then have it fixed with our innumerable, pain-in-the-ass remarks which our programmer took on like a champ. (Seriously, we’re still awed by his infinite patience and professionalism.) Now, the website is still far from finished. We only added a handful of projects so far. We still need to test more stuff. But it’s up and it’s no longer embarrassing and we’re really relieved.

If you skipped the previous paragraph, we don’t blame you at all. The important thing is: here’s the link to visit the website, enjoy.

Next stop: a new look for the blog. It’s getting urgent so expect it some time in 2024.


This week’s post has to be delayed for a bunch of great reasons. One, we have all of us a nasty cold, thanks to J’s preschool experience. And I mean, nasty. I don’t know how people deal with those preschool viruses. And two, we’re rushing (despite the fever) to finish our new website which has been literally five years in the making and we want to have it live this week. It’s a ton of work but it’s quite satisfying. Enjoy the preview.

Sorry! We’re working on a special tribute piece but it’s taking a bit longer than planned (mostly because of a different project with a hands-on client involvement, renovations and our son’s cold). It will be up this week. Pinky promise, cross my heart!


So we were going to get back to Words Matter (and we will next week) but it turns out today’s post is 200th! We wanted to celebrate this fact with special infographics and take the time to thank everyone who’s been with us on this adventure so far. It’s thanks to your involvement that we find motivation to work on the blog, even on the days when we’d rather do something else. Like sleep.

For these statistics we looked through all 199 posts so far and counted many things. Possibly the numbers might be slightly inaccurate in a few places, you’re welcome to check them. We also noticed that we haven’t yet shown you some projects we planned to show so expect a few trips down the memory lane in the future, but mostly expect a lot of new stuff and once again thanks so much for reading us.

Also, it turns out Society6 helped us with a celebratory gift: this week they offer free shipping again so you can buy our posters and other stuff cheaper if you follow this link.




Today’s post is number

100-reblog_100When we embarked upon this blogging… adventure? enterprise? it’s been both, but both words sound cheesy. Well, when we started blogging we never expected it to become so exciting and inspiring, mostly because we never expected to find so many exciting and inspiring readers. From something to try out, through a platform to share our work, blogging has become a necessity. Sometimes it has also been a reason to continue thinking of graphic design as creative, fun and meaningful when everyday work is nothing like that.

Most of all, thank you for your continuous support and interest: we appreciate every single visit, comment and like. And stick by because we have a lot of new fun stuff coming up in the next few months and beyond.



Awesome followers, let us add. Also, close-ups of the intro image:


130616-boardgamesWe are sorry but our weekend plans changed when we spotted a poster for a board game festival nearby. Consequently, we spent a large part of Sunday pawing various games and wondering which ones to add to our already-too-large collection. We had a good time but, unfortunately, that was also the time we had planned to spend on the new post.

re-fbWe keep forgetting but we actually have a Facebook page, which is here. So if this is your preferred mode of communication or you just want to boost our egos, like us or do any other stuff cool people do on Facebook (we wouldn’t really know but we’re ready to learn).