Lego Cat Nights, Part 2

LEGO-cats_0008After part 1, another bunch of famous cats comes not-exactly-alive-but-somewhat-more-three-dimensional with Lego blocks. It’s a lot of fun working on this project and the only thing slowing us down a bit is the fact that we don’t have enough blocks of some colors, like orange. We make do though.

LEGO-cats_0012Top Cat gang.

LEGO-cats_0011Pink Panther and the Cat in the Hat.

LEGO-cats_0005Puss in Boots, Eek and the poor cat of Schrödinger.


  1. swo8 said:

    There just seems to be no end to the things you can do with Lego.

    • Yes, it’s crazy versatile and appeals to all ages, apparently.

  2. papict said:

    Love these. My Lego fanatic kids are also big Dr Seuss fans so I know they will especially love the Cat in the Hat.

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