15 Iconic TV Shows to Guess

Last time we confessed our love for TV shows and today, celebrating the return of one of our favorites for season two (we won’t say the name not to spoil the riddle but you know which one we mean, of course), a post combining our two loves: shows and icons.

Below a set of 15 shows each presented through three icons for your guessing pleasure. We realize that most of these are ridiculously easy if you’re a TV-maniac (and possibly very difficult if you’re not, who knows) but boy, were they fun to work on. (And yes, we’ve seen all these shows, at least a couple of episodes but often quite a lot of them.)

Under each poster there is an answer in white: you have to highlight it to read.

New! Now we’re selling the posters here.


Mad Men

Game of Thrones (yes, it’s back tomorrow)

Sex and the City

House MD


Parks and Recreation


True Blood

Once Upon a Time


Veronica Mars

Greek (though I get why many people think it’s Big Bang Theory)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Edit. We’re very happy and honored to have been Freshly Pressed. Sorry we can’t answer to all the comments but we appreciate all of them and all the likes: it’s very motivating.

New developments: Iconic Painters, part one, two and three.

  1. Thanks for all the comments again and now a group answer to those who asked: all the posters are now available as prints on bza.co/redesign in three sizes (A1–A3)

  2. Robin said:

    I got more of these than I thought I would.

  3. zhrvla said:

    great! and i really think that “greek” is bbt)

  4. theyellowranger said:

    There were more here that I couldn’t guess, as opposed to the recent art history series you did. Great job. Friends and Game of Thrones are probably my favorites, but I love the waffle as one of the icons that signify Parks and Rec. So true! Awesome post.

  5. I did not guess a half of the list. Great job!

  6. Jela said:

    Pretty cool images huh!

  7. Jela said:

    AMAZING ICONS! haha.. hope I can guess all of those..

  8. I could recognize Friends, M.D. House, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, LOST. Maybe there was also Mad Men, I’m not quite sure. Calfornication and Dexter could be there, too. It really depends on what the symbols mean.

  9. jim said:

    where can I purchase these as posters or prints?? I would love to decorate my basement with these.

    • Hey, this is for now by individual arrangement only. Please e-mail us if you’re interested. Best wishes!

  10. asaytoonas said:

    I don’t know why in Buffy’s there is an entertainer skirt… Buffy didn’t wear that in any episode. The unmistakable icon is that particular ax. I liked very much Daria’s: sick sad world!! also unmistakable

    • Rather than an actual Buffy outfit, we wanted to go for something a high school girl would wear – and Buffy did wear a number of short skirts. We’re glad about Daria: apparently it’s not so well known anymore.

  11. Eloi said:

    Once Upon A Time, the one with the heart and the book and the apple.

  12. Versión Multimedia said:

    Reblogged this on Versión Multimedia and commented:
    Muy buen post. 15 Series en 3 Iconos.

  13. lorenapd said:

    Reblogged this on Sintonizada and commented:
    Atención al juego que nos proponene los amigos de re:blog. Hay quince series representadas por tres iconos que la representan, ¿somos capaces de reconocer a qué serie pertenecen? He de reconocer que a mí me ha costado bastante identificar alguna de las series, incluso he necesitado alguna ayuda extra. Vosotros, ¿sois capaces de identificar todas las series?

  14. noarrey said:

    Really amazing guys! Congratulations, I love the Game Of Thrones.

  15. erh said:

    the middle picture for the buffy one–is that a skirt? if it is, it doesn’t look remotely familiar to me. am i missing something obvious?

  16. Clearly I don’t watch enough TV. I totally sucked. But this was really clever and well-done! Go you!

  17. Rubina said:

    The hard part is picking just one for my place!

  18. Great idea and implementation (and overall site)! I wonder if is it ok with you if i make some new ones (like csi, baywatch, dallas(!) etc) for my greek blog (of course mentioning your blog/post). If not, no problem!

  19. I’m ashamed I actually knew some of these, namely Lost and Sex and the City, two shows I never watch! The rest I was pretty damn proud of myself for knowing 😉

  20. Kassandra said:

    Reblogged this on Things to show Tim and commented:
    I don’t get all of them, you might not either but we can both enjoy the way the designer KIS.

    • Samesies. I love the posters, but some of these were legitimately difficult

  21. artisantrove said:

    I loved these, particularly the Buffy the Vampire Slayer one – ah brings back teen memories.

  22. Stunning images! I love your colour choices and the beautiful clean images. Cant even decide which is my fav as I like them all!

  23. Michael Samuel said:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

  24. oooh nice! guh, my only beef is the True Blood one. how does a cowboy hat tie in at all? and the true blood bottle looks like a ketchup bottle at first glance-the neck of the bottle could’ve tapered in more IMO. Anyway, I’ll stop being a nitpicky nancy and admit the rest are pretty clever

  25. niverse said:

    Reblogged this on niverse and commented:
    Loving how simple and ingenius they are.

  26. Love the Mad Men one. Are you selling these? I’d def buy one!

    • We haven’t really thought about selling these though it could be arranged for individual orders (contact by email would work best). The shipping might be a tad expensive though from where we are.

  27. I am following your blog and I have been looking at your posts, I really hope you like it. Click my user name and go check what I have there… Can you please follow me back on wordpress. Thanks in advance! It would really be appreciated 🙂

  28. giuseppemoliterno said:

    1) Friends
    2) Med Men
    14) Lost

  29. Skippy said:

    Love these, didn’t have a clue on most and got a couple wrong, but had fun doing it. Love the design work.

  30. Ahha! So here’s the place there your time in front of tv should be appreciated! 😀

    • Well, I guess on some level we created it so that our time in front of the tv wouldn’t seem so lazy.:)

  31. I like every show here except Sex and the city, i never saw Daria, i still see Mad Men, House MD, Lost and Game of Thrones. I think Friends is hilarious, too bad it ended.

  32. I only watch 2 of the above shows (House and Dexter) and I got both of them instantly, these are amazing by the way.

  33. Really quite clever! And I’m so proud I got Greek, love that show. Though I must say the clues for Parks and Recreation I thought were for Pushing Daisies. Ditto for Dexter (Burn Notice)

  34. cbrohan said:

    Love them! they remind me of a minimalist book cover post i saw a few weeks back

  35. cbrohan said:

    Love them seriously well done, with such a minimilist touch 🙂 i got mixed up with the greek one and thought it was big bang theory 🙂

  36. Joe said:

    I dont know how I got Dexter.

  37. Pingback: TV Trivia!

  38. Reblogged this on aka Gringita and commented:
    This was just too fun not to reblog. I actually watch 9 of the shows represented (perhaps I can be forgiven for not getting the others) but missed 1 of those. Oh, and I thought (incorrectly) that one of the others was something I watch. Have fun. 🙂

  39. jscreativo said:

    Que buen trabajo!!

  40. troismommy said:

    Fabulous!! I loved these! I got most of these. How fun!!

  41. I guessed Friends right away… I didn’t know most of them, surprisingly. The first thing I thought of when I saw the typewriter was Fringe but that’s probably not “iconic” yet.

  42. I just love how you did that! It’s so neat!! I love friends! haha Well used to. I don’t watch tv anymore.

  43. That was fun. The ones I knew nothing about I of course couldn’t guess, but Friends, House, Sex and The City — cool!!!

  44. haha these are sweet! I got Lost and Dexter mixed up for some reason though 🙂

  45. Recognized all the ones I watch, so woo.

    Haha and yes I thought Big Bang Theory too.

  46. mtjtmc said:

    Great work! I’m not really a TV series maniac (and i recently posted the reason why in my blog), but this is definitely an awesome contribution. Maybe you will do this with regards to 15 iconic movies someday? I would enjoy that. Cheers!

  47. I love when my mind gets to go to the playground, thanks!!

  48. mplsgossipgirl said:

    Very cool!

  49. EduDad said:

    Wow. I am really behind on tv. There were shows I’ve never even heard of.

  50. Dang, 6 out of 15. I need to watch more T.V.
    I am definitely re-blogging this, only if you don’t mind of course.

  51. Reblogged this on aurelia1993 and commented:
    I don’t recognise all of them. I saw friends, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, House M.D., Once Upon a Time, Dexter, Veronica Mars and Lost

  52. wow 🙂 these are awesome! i love the inclusion of veronica mars!! one of my all time favourite programmes!
    thankyou for sharing these! keep smiling 🙂

    • I wasn’t sure anyone would get that one. Thanks for commenting.

  53. John Saddington said:

    Reblogged this on 8BIT.

  54. Very nice idea man! Fun and creative! Keep it up

  55. vicoropeza said:

    Nice one! I really liked it and it made me realize I need to watch more TV 😀 because I only knew like 5 of them… Oh well…


  56. Yeah, game of thrones is finally back! Did you see their two last episodes? 🙂

    Nice icons, so imagination!

      • Oh men, I’m fretfully waiting for next 15 April to come. The Sneak-peak of the next episode seemed so good to me!

        I’m now trying to finish the first book Song of Ice and Fire…but it’s quite long.

        How did you met that series? I, in Tv, just its opening caught my eye! nice soundtrack though

  57. Venom said:

    Only got three right (Friends, House & Buffy) xP but I liked the drawings a lot!

  58. Lotto Results said:

    Pictures from Iconic TV shows look just like icons.

  59. 1. Friends
    2. Mad Men
    3. Game of Thrones
    4. Sex and the City
    5. House
    6. Californication
    7. Unknown
    8. Daria
    9. Unknown – maybe True Blood?
    10. Unknown
    11. Dexter
    12. Veronica Mars
    13. Greek or Big Bang Theory
    14. Lost
    15. Buffy
    Hopefully I got some of those right

  60. Very creative!

    I guessed “Greek,” very “House MD,” wish the “Sex & the City” has a more pointy and sexier stiletto, I didn’t get “Once Upon A Time” but it was quite perfectly presented –

    Overall very cute & fun!!!

  61. I got about half of them right. Love the BtVS one and of course Friends!

  62. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) said:

    1: The Simpsons?
    2: Robot Cowboy.
    3: Game of Thrones (goddamn Dragons need an African mother!)
    4: Sex and the City
    5: ER mixed in a bowl of UP
    5: Geek Tide
    6: When Ritz Crackers Cry
    7: Curb your Enthusiasm
    8: Don’t know
    9: Death Note (YES!! Breast show ever!)
    10: Dead Island (that has the saddest theme song ever)
    10: LOST
    11: Poodle Wars
    12: Big Bang Therum (Theory)
    13: Planet Earthplane
    14: How to Train Your Highlander (juicy!!)

    • Anonymous said:

      I guess my guesses weren’t funny :/

  63. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) said:

    #3 is Game of Thrones. I know because of the eggs and the wolf. That show is everywhere

  64. LipiMac said:

    Got Dexter and House. Thought Greek was Big Bang Theory 🙂

  65. this was fun! haha makes me miss veronica mars and buffy so bad 🙂

      • megsays said:

        I loved VMars too! 🙂

  66. This is a cool blog! Love it.

    If you wanna’ read a comical blog from a new author who’s not afraid to keep it real, check out Roxy Gets Real!!!!

  67. Cherszy said:

    Got to guess only a few but this sure was a fun game! 🙂 Is ‘Game of Thrones’ really as awesome as everybody says it is? Haven’t watched any episode yet but I might watch an episode or two one of these days.

    • It’s totally awesome. No question there.

      • Cherszy said:

        I’m gonna trust you on that one, so… ‘Game of Thrones’, here we go!

  68. I don’t get it. Highlight text below each poster for an answer. ? Saw no text. Silly stuff. How do the Word Press editors select these things?

  69. Excellent posters and a fun post. Got: Friends, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Sex & the City, House, Californication, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Lost, and Buffy. Middle ones, didn’t do so well.

  70. annamarie123 said:

    Yeah I met number 5 is HOUSE!!!!

  71. annamarie123 said:


  72. Frank said:

    Well done … but not being a TV maniac, I didn’t do well.

  73. derekberry said:

    Had a great time figuring these out. Some were kind of hard, but I figured them out. Game of Thrones… best show…. wow.

  74. Daria making the list is awesome! Great throwback to my youth. I didn’t get Greek or Veronica Mars because I never saw an episode, but I might have to now!

  75. deeandteetalks said:

    Reblogged this on Deetwoyou's Blog and commented:
    Awesome concept guess the TV shows from the 3 picture clues and see how you do!
    me and tee got 8

  76. IThat’s cool. A bunch of those were shows I haven’t seen, but I did get quite a few. Felt really dumb not getting dexter. One of my favorites! Gave up too easy on that one.

  77. It was fun to see which ones I could guess and which ones I had no clue about. That was cool.

  78. Kitty said:

    So fun! Great way to get your reader interacting with you. 😀

  79. Alex K said:

    Fun post, nice work! Congrats on freshly pressed!!!

  80. sevemanzoor said:

    I like the iconic style of the art.

  81. Ammon said:

    Very simple, creative posters! I’d love to see something similar for the cartoons I used to watch as a kid–everything from Scooby Doo and Inspector Gadget, to Transformers and GI Joe.

    • That’s sounds like a fun idea for the future though our kid shows might be a little different. It gets me thinking though:)

  82. meekthegeek said:

    These are awesome. I guessed most of them but I really don’t get the Parks and Rec one. And I watch regularly.

  83. The Modern Home Economist said:

    1. friends
    2. two and a half men
    3. game of thrones
    4. sex and the city
    5. house
    6. californication
    7. unknown
    8. unknown
    9. unknown
    10. unknown
    11. dexter (love this one)
    12. unknown
    13. unknown
    14. lost
    15. buffy

    Can’t wait to see the results. I am not sure if I know too many or too little :). Lots of fun!

  84. Janis said:

    Very cool post. i only got Friends, Mad Men, Big Bang Theory, House and Sex and the City. I guessed game of thrones but on the wrong poster. weird.

  85. Kenton Lewis said:

    Which one is Gilligan’s Island? If you say none, how can it be iconic?

    • Iconic as in made of icons. We could only do the shows we watched so that’s more “personally iconic” if anything.

  86. Very cool. Though as I scrolled, I was hoping to see Breaking Bad…

  87. Really cool. Loads of shows I didn’t know because I haven’t got round to watching them yet though…

  88. Caitlin Ricci said:

    LOl. Great stuff. I love that you have Game of Thrones up. I’m thrilled that it came back.

  89. Man…I didn’t know a single one. Guess I don’t watch enough t.v. It was fun trying to guess though. Thanks

  90. ambermlee75 said:

    These are awesome.

  91. I started off so well – but somewhere in the middle these obscure shows came up – what on earth are Daria and Parks and Recreation?

    • You know, just these totally awesome shows you should check out:)

      • Ha, perhaps I will google them and see if they are my cup of tea 🙂

  92. Friends, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, House MD, Californication, Parks and Recreation, ?, ?, ?, Dexter, ?, Big Bang Theory, Lost, and Buffy are my guesses.

  93. maryfollowsthelamb said:

    1. “Planet of the Apes” on Late Night TV
    2. “Before Street Drugs in Hollywood”
    3. “Even Post Menopausal Queens Like To Howl Now and Then”
    4. “Number 6 On My Bucket List”
    5. “Medicare”
    6. “Old Dot Com”
    7. “Eggos and Keebler Elves: Dogs Best Friends”
    8. “Harry Potter”
    9. “Bonanza”
    10. “Doogie Howser”
    11. “Burn Notice”
    12. “The Dog Whisperer”
    13. “The Big Bang Theory”
    14. “PBS”
    15. “Braveheart”


  94. Cool! The posters are awesome, only got about 5, but maybe we don’t get all the shows here in South Africa.

    Well done!

  95. Megy said:

    As much time as I have at work to watch TV, yea at work, I really don’t watch many shows. I did guess House, Lost and Dexter correctly though. That was fun! 🙂

  96. noir33 said:

    I have not had TV in almost 20 years…..so, I have no idea about any of those shows…..but they are beautiful illustrations.

  97. Cassy said:

    Oooh I loved these! I was able to get Friends, Sex in the City, House, Dexter, Lost and Game of Thrones. I want to say one of those was Big Bang…and Buffy? :p I really don’t have much of a life apparently =/

  98. I missed quite a few, but it sure was a fun game!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  99. Nichol Caddingham said:

    Reblogged this on Modern Gentleman and commented:
    well-designed posters … so much information conveyed using only color and three images.

  100. Claudia said:

    Haha, wow, I only got two of them. Very awesome posters, though! Congrats on the Freshly Pressed. 🙂

  101. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! And it’s very exciting, showing up on Freshly Pressed. Also, if you don’t guess all the shows, that probably only means you have life away from the TV. Ahem, unlike us, apparently.

  102. Cool posters. I’m glad you put Dexter and Parks & Rec on there. Those are my favorite shows!

      • Me too! Its hilarious. I feel like it’s so underrated!

  103. I only guessed a few but I haven’t seen a good number of these shows. Ever. I love the graphic representations though.

  104. I could only guess House and Lost… I am not a TV junkie at all. Cool posters though!

  105. Mouse said:

    I love these! The Game of Thrones and Sex in The City are stand out favourites though.

  106. Dounia said:

    This is a very cool post! I was able to guess some pretty quickly, but you had me stumped on others! Really enjoyed this – thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  107. Reblogged this on workaphobicdreamer and commented:
    I came across this blog from “re:blog” and instantly fell in love. As I, too am an obsessed television addict, I really appreciate how each icon really grabs me and tells me what TV show it is. Well done, re:blog. Well done.

  108. I’m ashamed at how few of those I got. Oh well, I don’t watch a whole lot of televeision.

    – Kali

  109. Cathy said:

    Yea. I only guessed Friends haha

  110. These are great pictures, think i worked most of them out, although we don’t actually have a couple of them over here in the UK as far as i’m aware.

    If you like that style of artwork, you should check out the film posters by Olly Moss, they’re really superb.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, I knew some of them and saw more and you’re right, they’re pretty awesome.

  111. Raven said:

    Ack! Are there answers? I don’t watch much TV. Only Big Bang Theory and House. I’m not sure why I even have cable anymore…

    • Raven said:

      I guess I should read closer! Sorry!

  112. nmbpro said:

    Great graphic representations, I loved guessing all the shows. Also, game of thrones is really awesome. I’m in the middle of book four.

  113. These are soooo cool! however, i only knew the first one hahaha Friends, the couch was pretty obvious and the coffee too :P!
    Great post, keep it up!

  114. Wes B. said:

    These are absolutely brilliant! The Game of Thrones one is my absolute favorite.

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